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Enjoy Life – Less consumption, more meditation

Enjoying life on the long happy journey is developing a lifestyle that brings greater contentment in the end and a happiness that is far greater than short-term candyfloss indulgence.

Meditation is one of the things that works for many in finding greater contentment and peace in life.

But what is meditation? Some people like to make it complicated. Let’s keep it simple.

We can sit for a few minutes in the morning and listen to all the sounds inside and outside of our bodies; such as the sound of our breathing, the breeze in the trees, occasional traffic and creaks in the house.

We can simply close our eyes and count up to thirty slow in-breaths. Doing this on busy mornings can be particularly settling. It only takes a couple of minutes, but can have the effect of slowing time down.

At other times we might like to focus on specific parts of our bodies and imagine we’re breathing in to that part of our body. This can be particularly helpful if we are experiencing some discomfort or even pain in that part of our body.

From time to time we might like to focus on a phrase in time with breathing, such as conscious-breathing-creature-living-in-a-deeply-mysterious-universe.

All of these meditations can be undertaken during the day, especially when a little dose of settling down and appreciating the bigger context is warranted.    

Distracting thoughts can easily come into our minds while meditating. These can be noted mentally and then let go of by refocussing on the meditation exercise we’ve chosen to do.

Some people prefer to pray to God rather than mediate about the world or the universe.

Whatever works for you in helping you calm your mind, transform your life and move away from the misery of compulsive consumption is a good thing.

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