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Enjoy Life – Use music rather than food to change our bad moods

Rather than turning to food for comfort when a bad mood strikes we need to find  

new healthy ways of coping. 

One of these is music. For most of us it is listening to music but for some (really lucky ones) it is also playing music. All of us have got favourite music which lifts our mood when we listen to it and helps us get our lives into perspective and feeling more hopeful again. 

We’ve all got different tastes in music and maybe there are musical styles we haven’t yet experienced. So perhaps we should make an effort to listen to new styles of music. As we all know too well it’s easy to get stuck in a groove. 

These days with MP3 players and mobile phones we can carry music around with us at all times, so when the dark clouds descend we can give ourselves a dose of our favourite new music to give us a healthy lift. 

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