Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Persist – By keeping the ultimate question in mind

There is only a certain amount of conscious-ego-energy to go around and when other stresses come upon us, the amount left over for obesity recovery can easily get squeezed out of the door. 

During these times it is important to keep going, by keeping the ultimate question in mind: what is more important than health and living a longer happier life? 

Keeping this focus will ensure that even when a lot of stress is on and time and energy gets short we do at least something; something small and manageable every day that is advancing our obesity recovery. A good strategy during these times of stress is aiming to maintain rather than lose weight. We will find the stress we’re under feels more manageable. 

We all have priorities which compete for our time and energy particularly unexpected short-term issues that crop up. When stress like this occurs, it is too easy to give up health routines and put our long-term priorities to one side in order to concentrate on the short-term issues. 

Keep the ultimate question in mind. 

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