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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well (content) – Replace high energy treat food with low energy nutritious food

Recovery from obesity requires a fundamental change in what we eat. 

But the details of the fundamental change is likely to be different for each person. So it’s hard, if not impossible, to prescribe an obesity recovery food plan that will suit. 

This is the exciting thing about obesity recovery – it is uniquely ours as individuals. 

However, there are a number of very common high energy foods which many people with obesity are likely to have difficulty with. Here is an A-T list of 10 very common non-essential, energy-dense, nutritionally-deficient foods (treat food): 

Alcohol Biscuits and cakes 
Crisps Flavoured milk 
Hot chips Ice-cream 
Muesli bars Pies 
Soft drinks Takeaways 

Eliminate these 10 obesigenic foods from our diet and we will be well on our way to recovery from obesity, particularly if at the same time we replenish the body with healthy ones. The best are those that are low in energy and yet are highly nutritious in terms of minerals and vitamins. 

You can’t go past warm vegetable soups in the cooler months with the vegetables remaining in chunks like in minestroni soup (google for recipe if hesitant), or all mashed up. Be careful with eating too much bread (if at all) with the soup. 

Work on replacing high energy treat food with low energy nutritious food and life will change for the better. 

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