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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Get Active – Any small increase in activity counts

To rely on increased activity alone is a very hard way to lose weight. The most efficient way to do it is to reduce food (fuel) consumption. However, getting more active is an absolute must not only for maintaining the lost weight, but for enhancing our general health and well-being, which includes mental health and managing stress. 

So how do we go about it? 

The trick is to view all increased activity as a positive. 

Lying on the couch is better than lying in bed. 

Slouching on the couch is better than lying on the couch. 

Sitting on a chair is better than slouching on the couch. 

Standing up is better than sitting on a chair. 

Walking slowly to the letter box or down the corridor is better than standing still. 

Walking slowly further is better than walking slowly to the letter box or down the corridor. 

Walking briskly is better than walking slowly. 

For those of us with painful joints, biking or swimming may be preferable to walking. 

Whatever our current state of activity is, we should think of taking the next step that we know is sustainable in the longer term. 

Every new small increase in activity counts. 

A slow build up is important so that we don’t injure ourselves. Remember there is often a short-term “yelp” from our muscles, tendons and ligaments if we’ve been relatively inactive for the last few years. These “yelps” will pass as our increased activity becomes established as a new aspect of our recovery lifestyle. Also remember that these “yelps” are less likely to return if we continue to stay active.   

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