Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Take Control – Take little steps

Who hasn’t abandoned their grand list of New Year’s resolutions by the time Easter eggs are decorating the supermarket shelves? It is not enough to make a wish list of lifestyle transformations. To make these transformations happen we must create plans involving small and achievable steps.  Too often big unwieldly plans get lost in the daily grind of life and we find ourselves sinking into a state of hopelessness about ever being able to make such transformations. 

Recovery from obesity is not achieved through an overly ambitious frantic short-term project, but through sustained little steps creating a fundamental change in lifestyle for the rest of our lives.  

A new lifestyle takes time to assemble and even more time to practice until it becomes second nature. Taking little steps that are achievable and sustainable is the answer and gives you genuine control of the process. 

We need to think about what achievable little step we can take today that will put us in control of our compulsive overeating and get us back on track. 

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