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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Enjoy Life – Forgive early and forgive often

It is impossible to go through life without being let down, hurt or even bullied and abused by other people. In fact, it is very hard to go through one day without something happening that hurts in some way. 

Such is life! 

When we get hurt it is normal and natural to feel a little angry or perhaps even outraged, depending on the circumstances. If these feeling are not dealt with well they can become a chronic state through the development of bitterness inside our minds. 

A nodule of bitterness inside our minds is like an infective abscess in one of our bodily organs, which if not attended to can slowly erode health and even bring about a premature death. 

Forgiving is like taking a scalpel to an abscess and letting the pus out. Forgiving someone who has let you down or hurt you releases the bitterness within and lets the anger subside. 

It is very hard to enjoy life when you’re feeling hurt, angry or bitter. 

Forgive as early as you’re able to and forgive often; and see your enjoyment of life increase.  

Finally, the path to recovery from obesity almost invariably involves having to deal with feelings of letting oneself down at some point; when progress isn’t as swift as hoped or relapse occurs.  

It is important to forgive ourselves early and move on to renewed efforts to change our behaviour. 

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