Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Persist – It’s not a quick-fix

Kia Ākina is not a short-term weight-loss project, like a Biggest Loser competition.  

Short-term projects are quick-fix pseudo-solutions, which don’t produce recovery from obesity or result in a happier more contented life in the longer term. Instead they generally result in a worsening of obesity and a shortened, miserable life. 

This is why Kia Akina is focussed on the long-term, the first five years and beyond. Being prepared to take a long-term view like this is a vital part of the Persist principle. 

It takes a lot of patience to think long-term. And it takes perseverance to reduce our weight down and maintain a lower body weight, for the rest of our longer, happier life – free of the burden of carrying around all that excess fuel we’ve inadvertently stored up. No one deliberately goes out to become obese. 

It takes patience to experiment with various changes to our lifestyle and then practice and practice and practice the ones that suit, until they begin to become second nature. 

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