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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Get Active – Think health rather than calories

Getting more active is one of the key aspects of recovering from obesity, but the effect is indirect. Getting more active reflects in better overall health, noticed in terms of increased energy and enhanced feeling of well-being. It is this increased energy and enhanced feeling of well-being that is such a good foundation for dealing with eating compulsivity.

The key to weight loss is eating less, but this is much easier said than done. It takes a fundamental shift from unhealthy eating patterns and a poor diet to sustainably eat less and improve the quality the food you eat. This change in habits needs a clear and optimistic state of mind, not feeling sluggish and demoralized. Getting more active has a predictable positive effect on feeling this optimism and increased vigour, just what is required to get stronger psychologically.

Getting more active can have a positive impact on maintaining weight loss, but the main effect of getting more active is improved general health.

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