Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well – Become snack-free

An excellent strategy for recovering from obesity is to knock snacking on the head.

Knocking snacking on the head along with attention to portion size are two of the top strategies for recovery.

Snacking is engaging in the modern habit of eating outside of set meal times, and using food for purposes other than fuelling the body. The NEEDNT food industry can’t stop smiling at the profits rolling in (at the expense of the population’s obesity and diabetes epidemics, which they tend to be dissociated about.)

Snacking is essentially recreational eating – using special-treat food every day – “living to eat”.

“Eating to live rather than living to eat” requires a fundamental change to eating patterns. Eating to live means consuming food as nutrition, rather than using food like a drug for comfort and pleasure.

Snacking means that the pancreas is engaged all day in squirting out insulin into the blood-stream to deal with the continuous sugar content of the blood that comes from snack food. No wonder the pancreas runs out of steam and diabetes ensues in many people who are obese.

Eliminating snacking gives the pancreas breaks during the day. It means we are eating food about every five hours rather than every five to ten minutes as some compulsive snackers do, especially those who suck sweets all day long.

Cut back the snacking to occasional treats only or stop them all together.

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