Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Kia Ākina – Persist – Go the extra mile

Going a little beyond what we immediately feel like doing stimulates our persistence “muscle”. The more we stimulate this muscle (prefrontal cortex) the stronger it becomes. The stronger we become up top, the more in control we will be of our compulsive overeating.

Every day there are opportunities of going a little beyond what we immediately feel like doing.

Here are four examples:

– put off beginning to eat lunch for five minutes even though we feel hungry

– stay at work an extra 10 minutes to finish something we’ve been putting off doing when we’re feeling tired and just want to go home

– do two extra squats during our morning wake up stretches when we feel like stopping or doing none at all.

– cook an evening meal with lots of fresh vegetables when all we feel like doing is getting takeaways or making something quick out of a packet.

The journey to obesity recovery gets a little bit shorter every time we go the extra mile doing things like this.

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