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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Take Control – A dose of reality

Taking control begins by facing reality.  

Every time we stand on the scales we are getting a dose of reality. And for some of us this is a very difficult and courageous step to take. 

The second part of taking control is doing something positive about the reality we have just become deliberately conscious about, whether it be related to consuming certain foods or upping our activity levels or even better, both. 

Putting off getting on the scales is postponing a reality check, and while this dissociated state continues, we are living precariously, in an out of control state, and risking a worsening of the situation. 

So be courageous, face reality, get on the scales today and take control of the situation. 

If following getting on the scales you find the feelings are too intense to think rationally about taking positive sustainable action reach out to someone in the network to talk things over with.  

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