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Get Active – Walk as if you’re late

The first step in getting active is getting out of bed in the morning. The next step is getting out of the chair periodically during the day and standing. Next is taking little walks here and there during the day and build up to 10,000 steps.   

From there a good thing to try is walking briskly, to the point of increasing our heart rate by 50%. The best way to walk briskly is to walk as if we are late. If we are indeed late then walking briskly will be easy; we don’t have to pretend. If we’re not late, we’re going to have to use our imagination. 

Increasing your heart rate by 50%? 

Let’s have an example: Let’s say you’ve got a resting (standing) heart rate of 80 beats per minute then increasing it by 50% would increase it up by 40 beats up to 120 beats per minute.  

Like many other features of permanent lifestyle change it is often best to build new things up slowly (like a tortoise) rather than rush at a new short-term project (like a hare) which might last several weeks or months before disappearing.  

If you’ve got a standing pulse rate of 80 beats per minute then perhaps aim to walk at a pace that increases it up to 90 beats per minute for a while before aiming for 100 beats per minute later, and so on up to walking as if you’re late most of the time. You’ll develop a reputation of being a quick walker. 

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