Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Take Control – Imagining ourselves with a BMI of 29

A BMI of 29 is the ultimate aim of Kia Ākina’s long and happy journey, where obesity has been left behind.

Although we’re animals, we have the extraordinary capacity to image the future. However, as animals we are also very prone to simply reflect the world around us, which in the case of NZ today is an environment, not only teeming with food, but also full of messages encouraging us to eat too much food. Combine this food drive with a genetic bias to conserve fat rather than burn it and hey presto! It is very easy to see how we end up obese without even trying.

The big evolutionary advantage we have as human beings, however, is to use our powers of imagination, take control of our environment and behave differently.

An excellent thing is to imagine ourselves at a recovered weight. This is one of the best internal motivations for keeping on working hard at our recovery from obesity.

At a BMI of 29 we are much less prone to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, various cancers, osteoarthritis and the stigma of being obese fades away. Wonderful!

We need to get into the habit of imagining ourselves at a BMI of 29 and feel the joy.

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