Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Enjoy Life – Doing things money can’t buy

We live in an intense consumer-based world in which we are bombarded daily by advertising aimed at getting us to acquire as much as possible and consume like there’s no tomorrow.

Of particular relevance to us is the recreational food industry and its marketing of obesigenic foods. The relentless messaging contributes hugely to our overeating behaviour through convincing us to “live to eat, rather than eat to live”.

A great way to escape the modern treadmill is to do simple things that money can’t buy, such as taking the time to have a conversation with someone, going for a walk with a friend; taking some concentrated slow deep breaths, stretching like a cat, lying in the sun like a cat, standing still and observing everything going on for a few minutes, listening to some uplifting music, moving to the music with eyes closed for several minutes thinking of the things we’re fortunate to have in our lives etc etc. There is no end to the number of enjoyable things that money can’t buy.

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