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Eat Well (content) – Eat soup often

It is 6.30pm on a cold evening and we’ve just got home from work, hungry and tired. Our favourite soup comes to mind. Out with a saucepan and into it we pour a little olive oil. Three cloves of garlic and a sliced onion follow and onto the element for a light frying for several minutes. Three or four cups of water then follow. The main ingredients come next, cut up into small pieces – a chunk of pumpkin (minus the seeds and skin), a kumara, and two carrots. A few pinches of tumeric, curry and cumin powder finish the mixture off, which is brought close to boiling and then simmered for 10-15 minutes. The 7.00pm News is beckoning. Into the toaster go four pieces of bread while some Edam cheese is grated. Out with the blender to give the mixture a quick going over, before a couple of minutes back on the element. Three minutes later, the News is beginning and on each of our laps is a bowl of warm yellow soup with a little cheese sprinkled on top. Heaven!

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