Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Persist – Keep living, take action now

“I’ll start working at my obesity recovery tomorrow… next week… next month…whenever…

Obesity is a killer. But if we just think about a more active life or contemplate an improved style of eating we could go on and on with no action to change our weight until they’re finally putting us in a coffin.

All of us are masters at procrastination. We’re all great at putting off things we know are beneficial for us – that’s human nature.

Is there any better day than today or better moment than right now to do something that will advance recovery from obesity?

The tendency to rationalize reasons why right now today is not the right time for action will always be with us – it’s in our DNA.

The good thing is that we are able to make a deliberate conscious effort to do something which can bring about action and a fresh start.

Over time, the more new action we undertake the easier it becomes.

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