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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well – Become a mindful eater

Start today.

Become the slowest mindful eater around.

Most people who achieve obesity have been well-practiced gobblers and shovellers in the past (fast eaters of relatively large amounts of food – not necessarily binge eaters). They are often near the front of the queue for any food and polish off their plate well before others and have begun looking for seconds. They don’t chew their food much either.

Obesity recovery involves eating less. However, eating less doesn’t mean we have to enjoy food less. Eating very slowly gives us the opportunity of enjoying each mouthful of food much more.

Become a slow eater by eating mindfully. By never putting food into our mouth without giving it a little concentrated thought, and then giving the chewed up mouthful another little concentrated thought before swallowing.  

You’ll know you’ve become a very slow, mindful eater when people begin to comment.

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