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Get Active – Wake up and get going without drugs

A good way of developing a more active lifestyle is to begin every day with a brief exercise routine. This could be before or after breakfast; whatever suits us – we’re all a bit different. 

Many people wake up and get going in the morning using drugs (caffeine) – a lazy quick fix to achieving a feeling of being a little more alert and ready to meet the day. But doing it with drugs means that an hour or two later, there is often a come down feeling accompanied by the desire for another dose; and so on… 

There is a better way. A few minutes of stretching, bending, or simply marching on the spot – perhaps you’re even up for some sit-ups, push-ups, or squats – is an excellent way of getting a little puff up and waking up without drugs in the morning. Get into a routine like this and it can become a daily symbol and motivator for an ongoing active lifestyle as well. 

There’s no need for us to run at it like a bull at a gate; building it up slowly can be a good way of getting it engrained into our lives. If the thought of doing a few minutes is unbearable, then we should do like 20 seconds to begin with until we’re into a daily rhythm of waking up at the beginning of the day with a 20 second exercise regime and then perhaps move it up from there. 

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