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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Take Control – Plan what to eat every day

This is a big one. 

Planning what to eat every day takes energy, and because we’ve all got only so much conscious energy, it is best to work on it just one day at a time. That way we’re more likely to be successful.  

Successful with what? Our aim is to take on just a tiny little bit less fuel than we need in the day to keep the body going. That tiny little bit of energy imbalance is the key to permanent weight loss success when incorporated into a new lifestyle, with regular weighing keeping the score. 

Breakfast tends to not be the main problem for most of us, if we’re eating homemade muesli rather than processed supermarket cereals. If we’re making our lunch from home then lunch tends not to be the main problem either. And then if we’re thinking ahead and planning a small nutritious evening meal we’ve got it sussed. We’ve planned what to eat during the day.  

Now it is time to put the plan into action and not eat anything that we didn’t plan to eat during the day. And think about tomorrow tomorrow. 

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