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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Take Control – Rewards work

Rewarding ourselves for doing something we are finding hard to initiate and/or keep doing is a great “Take Control” strategy. 

The “thing” could be weight loss itself, or it could be any number of things we know will work for us to keep us moving in the right direction: standing on the scales; riding or walking to work; deliberately taking small portions, chewing slowly; eating less; not snacking; pushing the plate away; saying no thank you….we could include any number of strategies worthy of reward. 

In the past many of us have used favourite food as a reward.  Our new lifestyle needs creative thinking.  

Rewards could be money. Imagine how quickly the piggy bank would fill if we feed him $1 every time we made a conscious effort to eat slowly. Keeping to weekly weight goals might be worth double, say $2 on Fridays if we keep to our weight loss plan. And once an amount such as $50 has accumulated something, other than our favourite food, can be a special purchase. That would get the creative juices moving! 

It is important to develop a reward system that suits us, and then write our reward system down. 

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