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Eat Well – Be careful about alcohol

One of the many things the alcohol industry won’t publicize about alcohol is that it is fattening. Regularly drinking alcohol adds a surprisingly high extra calorie load to the diet.

Alcohol is an excellent fuel. It can be used to drive cars and aeroplanes. Alcohol is closer to fat than carbohydrate or protein in terms of its energy per weight (calories/gram). Drinking beer or wine is like drinking liquid fat. There are 140 calories in a 330ml bottle of beer or cider and 600 calories in a bottle of wine – a whole meal!

Further, the disinhibiting effect of alcohol at home or at social events can easily disrupt the control over our food intake that we are working so hard at gaining and maintaining. Control over consuming food begins to go out the window even with a little alcohol, but has flown a long way by the time intoxication arrives.

Consuming less “turps” is an excellent weight-loss (and weight loss maintenance) strategy.

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