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Enjoy Life – More books, more sleep, less television and less trashy magazines

It is hard to really enjoy life while consuming on a daily basis the mountains of trash, gossip, shallowness and overhyped bad news on offer, and being continually exposed to product marketing by predatory corporations.

Staying up late watching mindless television (including sports…) not only exposes us to all of this mind garbage but also encourages “blobbing out”. Even worse, TV watching is often accompanied by mindless eating of unnecessary food, not infrequently cued by the content of the programmes and the cunning advertising.

Reading trashy magazines exposes us to all of the very worst of modern brainwashing. It is easy to be taken in and believe the only authentic purpose in this modern life is to be one of the best consumers, and that we’re currently lagging behind.

If we’re not this (perfect) shape we’re failing; if we don’t have these (very fashionable) clothes/shoes/bags/jewellery/sports equipment we’re not part of the successful in-crowd; and if we’re not going on this (very exotic) overseas holiday next month or eating out at restaurants (like these) we’re missing out on life. Thankfully it’s all bullshit! What a nightmare it would be if it was true!

There are so many excellent books to choose from instead of reading trashy magazines. Consider joining a book club, or maybe even start one up yourself with a couple of friends. If money is tight there is no shortage of excellent books at the local public library.

Reading more books, watching less television, getting more sleep and avoiding trashy magazines is a sure strategy for achieving a better mood, a fresher healthier outlook, and greater enjoyment of life.

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