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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well (Content) – Eat to live by dealing with NEEDNT foods

A fundamental issue about what food to eat is summed up beautifully in the age-old question: “living to eat or eating to live?” 

Like breathing, eating nutritious food is a deeply satisfying necessity of life. 

But like drugs, NEEDNT foods, are not only unnecessary, but can destroy a person’s life when taken regularly in large quantities. NEEDNT stands for Non-Essential, Energy-Dense, Nutritionally-deficienT. The NEEDNT foods list can be found under Resources on the Kia Akina website ( 

People like us with obesity tend to indulge on NEEDNT foods. In fact it is NEEDNT foods that are largely at the heart of us becoming obese in the first place.  

When we begin to push back against our ingrained habits of eating these drug-like, treat-foods it is surprisingly difficult for many of us to wean ourselves off them. But it is possible. 

Something for each of us to work out is whether we deal with NEEDNT foods by abstaining completely, abstaining for a long period of time, abstaining for a short period of time, or begin moderating them.  If we don’t know what will work best for us we need to keep experimenting and communicating our results with others until we find the solution best for us 

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