Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Persist – Daily practice will turn into permanent lifestyle change

We all know that recovering from obesity is not a short- or long-term project. It is about permanent lifestyle change for the rest of our lives. 

At the outset, like for the first few years, the things we’re wanting to change will need to be practiced as much as possible to get them engrained into our life.  

Daily practice is optimal.  

For instance, you may be thinking that doing more walking would be a good thing (which it is!). However, just going for a walk on Sundays is not going to get you there, although it might be a good place to start. Better to practice more walking every day building up to a new 5000 daily steps and then practice maintaining this new level of activity. Over time this new walking everyday (such as ten minutes walking from where you’ve parked the car to work) will become a daily routine which feels natural and normal. 

Any lifestyle change will feel a bit uncomfortable or unusual to begin with. But with daily practice a new routine will be formed.  

This new routine might be making lunch to take to work. If we have been used to buying food at the café for years, then making lunch at home will feel a little bothersome to begin with. However, persisting with the change as close to daily as we can will see a new routine develop which is becoming part of our new recovery lifestyle.  

The more we persist with these new routines the more unconscious and automatic they become and after a few years will be the new us. 

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