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Eat Well – Eat bulky low-energy food everyday

Bulky low-energy foods are natural appetite suppressants; they really do quench hunger, particularly when eaten slowly – thorough chewing and deliberate pausing between mouthfuls. 

What are the best bulky low-energy foods to eat? 

Two of the best are salads and vegetable soups. Keeping up salads maintains a fresh feeling of summer all year round and warm soups hit the cold spot of winter every time. Eating a salad or vegetable soup most days is an excellent strategy for weight-loss and health. 

Salads can contain multiple ingredients to make them interesting and nutritious, but be very careful not to pile on sauces into the salad. Sauces can turn a low-energy salad into a great burden of calories.  

Soups are full of warm water, which give low-energy bulk, but can be very nutritious through using multiple ingredients, mainly vegetables. Just about any combination of veges can make an excellent nutritious soul-loving soup. 

As with salads, we need to be very careful to not mix into soups high-energy ingredients such as cream, coconut milk or cheese, which are good foods nutrition-wise but energy-dense, so should be used very sparingly, if at all. Soup can also bring out a desire to eat multiple slices of bread laden with margarine or even worse, butter. We must resist that temptationJ, but enjoy the soup to the max, small-mouthful by small-mouthful. 

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