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Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Persist – Take a long-term view, but live one day at a time

Focusing on the big picture needs a good dollop of persistence and patience, while we continue to work on weight-loss, one day at a time. Like everything else that is practiced over and over, it gets easier with time. 

When the weight is not reducing despite some sustained efforts and when we relapse back into our old obesigenic lifestyle it is important to bring out as much patience and persistence as we can. Everyone will likely experience both of these two things along the way.  

If the issue is the first one and we’re not currently losing weight as we were hoping despite changing our eating and activity levels, remember that significant metabolic changes are required for the body to lose weight involving mobilising the fat stores. Further, if we’ve become more active in addition to eating a little less, then we may be building up some of our muscles, and muscle weighs more than fat by volume. By persisting the weight will begin to fall.  

If the issue is relapse, persistence and patience can be harder to muster. It can be so demoralising to lose three or four kilograms only to find it all come back on again (and more) following a relapse. The trick is to stop the relapse as soon as possible, today for instance and make a fresh start on practicing a new recovery lifestyle. If you haven’t yet discovered what the best components are that suit you for a new recovery lifestyle, reach out to others for suggestions and encouragement. 

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