Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Eat Well (process) – Pause before eating – say Grace

An important aspect of Eating Well is to slow down our eating. This way we are likely to eat a little less, which is necessary to recover from obesity.

A great way to get a meal off to a good start then is to pause before we begin and really think about why we are eating. If it is purely for pleasure and/or comfort then we’re essentially drug taking – that’s not eating well. As we pause, generate some grateful thoughts about the food we’re about to consume.  We don’t have to believe in God to say Grace, although if we do, we may have an advantage here.

Perhaps begin by thinking of the fact we’ve even got some quality food to eat when there are 1000 million starving people in the world. Imagine how the food is going to nourish our body and maintain our health, giving us energy and vital nutrition to keep living well.

Eating more mindfully is a great way of thoroughly enjoying the (little bit less) food we do eat.

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