Kia Ākina

Working towards lifelong recovery from obesity

Enjoy Life – By starting today

Happiness doesn’t need to wait until we’ve lost 20 or 30 kgs. Happiness can start today by shifting from a “having and consuming” style of living to a “giving and being” one. 

This is not as easy as it sounds because we’ve all been socialised (brain-washed) to some extent into thinking that being a big consumer is the road to being a happy and successful person.   

Obesity is a sign of overconsumption. Being bloated, sluggish and chronically tired is not a good combination for feeling zip and joy. But getting onto the long and happy journey today and losing weight through quiet determination and being prepared to make steady progress despite the ups and downs over time is not only rewarding, it can be exhilarating. Enjoy life by starting today. 

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