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Eat Well – Chew every mouthful thoroughly before swallowing

As we become more conscious of our eating behaviours we might be amazed at how we eat. A mouthful of food, a couple of chews and then, instead of chewing the food thoroughly we swallow, or perhaps shovel in another mouthful and with no further chewing swallow the lot. That’s not eating well and enjoying food.

Remember what we’re trying to achieve here is developing a new style of eating a little less, but enjoying food just as much, if not more. Chewing each mouthful thoroughly slows our overall eating down. But more importantly it helps us really enjoy the food, especially through taste. Once our food has been swallowed it’s gone and the opportunity for more enjoyment has been lost.

To lose weight we’ve got to eat less food, not just today but tomorrow and the next day and the day after that and the day after that one etc. until it all becomes second nature. Thoroughly chewing every mouthful before swallowing is a great way to ensure this happens. Becoming more conscious of thoroughly chewing every mouthful before swallowing can make it seem like we are eating more.

One of the best ways of enjoying eating is to take small mouthfuls and chewing them one at a time thoroughly before swallowing. Experiment by taking small mouthfuls and really savouring them by chewing thoroughly before swallowing.

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